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A book of confessions, memories and needs. A prosaic canvas where the author shapes her visions from her job as a shop assistant in the Prado store and the imperative need to create a parallel world to be able to cope with it.


  • Devoradora de libros

  • Gema Palacios para Oculta Lit


Un libro de confesiones, memorias y necesidades. Un lienzo prosaico donde la autora va plasmando sus visiones desde su puesto de trabajo como dependienta en la tienda del Museo del Prado y la imperante necesidad de crear un mundo paralelo a él para poder sobrellevarlo.


  • Devoradora de libros

  • Gema Palacios para Oculta Lit


XXIX Ana María Matute Award for Women's Narrative.


A young traveler who reads Arthur Cravan on the bus and converses with him secretly, is carried away by the most surreal present by the hand of a Jew determined to build a Sukkah to end up in a Baptist church with a 53-year-old junkie who lives in a rusty car. An experimental story where first-person narration is mixed with a direct transcription of the protagonist's flow of thought.

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