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The topographic body (Torremozas 2020) is my first book of poems. a regressive exploration addressing the identity construct: Where is it housed? Where do its limits unfold? How are the layers that make it up organized? Where do the beings that we once lived inhabit and to what extent do the experiences we live in childhood imprint themselves on our personal topography?


A book of confessions, memories and needs. A prosaic canvas in which the author expresses her visions from her job as a clerk in the Prado Museum shop and the prevailing need to create a world parallel to it in order to cope with it.


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XXIX Ana María Matute Award for Women's Narrative.


A young traveler who reads Arthur Cravan on the bus and converses with him secretly, is carried away by the most surreal present by the hand of a Jew determined to build a Sukkah to end up in a Baptist church with a 53-year-old junkie who lives in a rusty car. An experimental story where first-person narration is mixed with a direct transcription of the protagonist's flow of thought.

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