Poetry improvisation has led me to type in different spaces and events, from weddings, festivals, restaurants, birthdays and openings. I have also worked in festivals such as White Summer (Girona, 2017), Womad (Cáceres, 2017) and Tableau Data Conference (New Orleans, 2018) and participated in international events such as the Voix Vives de Toledo Poetry Festival (2015), Book Fair of Havana (2018) or the New Orleans Poetry Festival (2018).


No matter what kind of event you have in mind, my 1920 Corona Smith and I will make your guests have the opportunity to take with them a unique memory: a personalized and unique poem with the topic they choose.



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Momentoverso offers to the visitor the possibility of leaving the role of consumer and being part of a creative experience. The person shares with me a topic, experience, story or memory of their lives and I transform it into a unique and unrepeatable poem. The value of this exchange goes beyond a simple acquisition based on the sale of a product, taking this interaction to a personal and experiential level between the person and me. In this way, those attending the festival will have the opportunity to participate in the act of creation and live a genuine experience in the present moment.


Photo: Las Dalias, Ibiza (2019)



Over the last few years I have had the great honor of giving poetry improvisation workshops in different schools in Spain and other countries, bringing young people a new vision of poetry as well as creative and interactive processes related to writing. I think it is vital that young people have references that inspire them to do things they consider impossible and to lose the fear of expressing themselves in a society increasingly conditioned by the technological avalanche and social networks. With these improvisation workshops there is an opportunity to generate an open space for literary creation and, what is more important, a space of total freedom to overcome fears and gain confidence by defying social imposed limitations.


Photo: Kensington School, Madrid, 2017.



The first time I attended a wedding as a performative artist, I decided to make the guests feel as close as possible to the people who were celebrating their union through poetry. Momentoverso makes the wedding attendees feel part of the celebration by requesting a personalized poem. This souvenir will always remind them of that day and transport them to the moment when, at the wedding of their best friends or relatives, a poet put into words everything they were feeling and experiencing.



The typewriter is a pretty "new" object for children. Its particular sound and essence act as a magnet for their curiosity. Any opportunity to bring poetry to the little ones is an opportunity for them to develop sympathy and affinity for language, and Momentoverso gives them the possibility to unleash their imagination and see poetry as something fun as well as a positive tool to communicate with themselves. Get in touch with me to inform you about the different literary activities that I organize on birthdays and schools!

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