You bring the subject, I write the poem. 


"Momentoverso is the result of a desire to bring the poetic experience closer to people and draw them into the creative process.


It's not just about taking home a unique and personalized poem, but about the value of a moment that may never happen again". 


Tania Panés




Writer, Art historian and traveler, I have been improvising poems with my typewriter around the world for six years. I have typed in the streets, festivals, fairs and literary events of different countries and I also facilitate poetry improvisation workshops.

My poems have been published in digital magazines such as Oculta Lit, Kokoro or La Rabia del Axolotl. I have participated in the pulp short story anthology She was so bad (Aloha Ed., 2016) and I am the author of El arlequín sentado (Torremozas, 2017) and the collection of poems El cuerpo topográfico (Torremozas, 2020). In 2017 I was awarded the XXIX Ana María Matute Prize for Women's Narrative for my  short story "Donde nadie nos quiere."


Order your poem

Receive a custom poem on the mail box! 

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Purchase my books in Spanish (soon to be translated into English).



Personalized and handmade necklaces made out of old typewriter keys.



Bring a poet to your event and fill it up with magical moments.

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